Statistical Approaches and Modelling in Environmental Sciences Practice Test | Environmental Science Quiz

1.To find out the degree of linearrelationship between age and height of trees, the parameter to be estimated is
Standard error
Standard deviation
correlation coefficient

2.Which of the following is a normal variable?
Level of rainfall (Mild, Moderate, Severe)
Blood group type (A,B, AB, O)
Height of a tree
Socio-economic status (Low,Middle, High)

3.Time clocked by an athlete in a 100m race is an example of which type of variable?'

4.Which of the following measures of skewness is based on the distance of upper and lower quartiles from median value in a dataset
Karl pearson's coefficient of skewness
Kelly's measure of skewness"
Bowley's coefficient of skewnwss
Coefficient of skewnwss based on moments

5.Graphically depicting a group of numerical data through their Quartile is
Pie chart
Frequency polygon
Box plot

6.A good sample design should result in:
A truly representative sample
unsystematic bias
A truly represntative sample
Highly varied sampling error

7.The term parameter is attribute associated with the data pertaining to
Descriptive statistics
Sampling technique

8.Which one of the following conditions would indicate that the daataset is not bell shaped?
The mean is much smaller than medium
The range is equal to five times the standard divation
The range is larger than interquartile range
Development of community walls

9.The following statistical test is used to ascenrtain whether there is significant difference between the variances of two sets of observations
chi square test

10.In symmetrical distribution Pattern
Building construction project
Oil refinery project
Conservator Of Forests
Chief secretary of the Goverment

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