Environment Assessment, Management and Legislation Practice Test | Environmental Science Quiz

1.The notification of environment impact assessment under the provision of environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 was carried out for
River valley projects
Developments projects
Tourism Projects
Municipal Waste management

2.Which among the following is the first major environmental protection act to be promulgated in India?
Biological diversity act
Environmental Protection Act
Forest Conservation Acts
Wildlife Protection Act

3.Which of the following is related to 'MARRAKESH ACCORDS'
The earth summit 1992
Berlin Mandate 1995
Geneva Convention 1996
Kyoto Protocol 1997

4.What is the maximum period valid for granting environment clearance (EC) for mining projects?
30 Years
10 Years"
5 Years
20 Years

5.The Brundtland commision report was entitled
Limits to Growth
Our common future
Sustainable Development
Tragedy of commons

6.Cartagene protocol deals with
waste management
Natural resource management
Protection of plant variety

7.Power to issue notification reserving the trees or class of trees in a protected forest lies with
Ministry of environment, forest and climate change, GOI
Biodiversity board
State goverment
Central goverment

8.Which type of projects usually require EIA
Community garden development
Mining and mineral development projects
Outdoor recreation
Development of community walls

9.Which one of the following convention/ protocols/ treties is legally binding on the signatory countries?
Basel convention
Montreal protocol
Paris agreement
Kyoto Protocol

10.Public hearing is not mandatory for project like
Building construction project
Oil refinery project
Conservator Of Forests
Chief secretary of the Goverment

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