Plant Physiology Quiz on Respiration in Plants

All the cellular activities are grouped into two categories – anabolism (biosynthetic activities of the cell) and catabolism (breaking up processes of the cell). The anabolic activities are endergonic (energy dependent), while catabolic activities are usually exergonic (energy producing). The sum total of catabolic and anabolic reactions occurring at any time in a cell is called metabolism. Respiration is an exergonic and catabolic physic chemical process which involves the exchange of environmental oxygen and body carbon dioxide through a liquid medium and the oxidation of glucose inside the mitochondria to produce energy which is partly stored in the high energy bonds of ATP molecules as biologically useful energy. 

1. In glycolysis,
glucose is converted to pyruvic acid
pyruvic acid is converted to glucose
pyruvic kinase makes ADP from ATP
glucose and pyruvic acid are used to produce ATP
2. Respiration is
an anabolic process
a catabolic process
a chemical process
all of these
3. How many molecules of ATP are synthesized during aerobic respiration?
4. During anaerobic respiration, which of the following is formed?
malic acid
pyruvic acid
fumaric acid
5. Net gain of ATPs formed during EMP pathway is
6. Oxidative enzymes for Krebs cycle are found in
matrix of mitochondria
inner membrane of mitochondria
outer membrane of mitochondria
in the cytoplasm of the cell
7. Q10 is
a temperture coefficient
the respiratory coefficient
a scale of quality
a constant in quantum equations
8. During glycolysis the mineral needed as enzyme activator is
9. Respiration differs from combustion in the respect that
all the stored energy in carbohydrate gets released bit by bit due to oxidation
all the stored energy in carbohydrte gets released at once due to combustion
loss of molecular oxygen and gain of molecular hydrogen
compartively large quantity of energy is produced due to combustion
10. Respiratory quotient (RQ) of germinating seeds rich in fat is
less than unity
more than unity
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