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The term bioinformatics has been derived by combining biology and informatics. More precise definition of bioinformatics is application of information sciences (mathematics, Statistics and computer sciences) to understand and organize the information associated with biological molecules. Translation of billions of characters in DNA sequences that make the genome into biological meaningful information has given birth to a new field of science called bioinformatics. Bioinformatics, the use of computer is same as previously but the data is biological data, the letters of life. Read more>>

1. Which is model organism database?
2. BLAST X program is used for
translate protein sequence
translate DNA databse
translate input sequence
none of these
3. Information of all known nucleotide and protein sequences are available on
NCBI's Gene Bank
All of these
4. GeneBank and SWISSPORT are example of
primary database
secondary databse
composite database
none of these
5. SCOP is
it is primary database
it is nucleotide sequence database
SCOP database is a hierarachial classification of protein 2D domain structures
structural database, which identity structural and evolutionary relationships
6. 'FASTA' was published by
Joseph Sambrook
Pearson and Lipman
Altschul et al
7. PDB is
Primary database for macromolecules
can be determined by gel electrophoresis
composite database
database for three dimensional struture of biological macromolecule
8. BLOSUM matrices are used for
Phylogenetic analysis
multiple sequence alighment
pairwise sequence alighment
none of these
9. Which is data retrieving tool?
All of these
10. Proteomics research can be categorized as
structural proteomics and functional proteomics
structural, functional and comparative proteomics
functioanl and comparative proteomics
none of these
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