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The term viruses which send shock waves in the minds of the people in medical profession in particular and public in general is a house hold name today. They cause mild diseases like influenza to the most dreadful of the diseases - the cancer. They have been a highly controversial group of tiny microscopic objects which have been rightly termed the most perfect obligate parasites of the world.  They are absolutely inert outside a living host but once inside the host they are capable of growing, multiplying and undergoing even mutation. They are, therefore, supposed to represent a transitional form of life lying on the border line between the non living and the living world. Read more>>
influenza virus
1.The first virus to be crystallized was 
influenza virus
cauliflower mosaic virus
tobacco mosaic virus
tomato mosaic virus
2. What is the genetic material in inflenza virus
double helical DNA
single helix DNA
none of these
3. Virus are no more 'alive'than as isolated chromosomes because
they require both RNA or DNA
they both need food molecules
they both require oxygen for respiration
both require the environment of the cell to replicate
4. Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)is a tubular filament of size
300 x 10nm
300 x 20nm
100 x 300nm
30 x 300nm
5. Which one of the following statements about viruses is correct
viruses possess theirown metabolic system
viruses are obligate parasites
nucleic acid of virus is known as capsid
all viruses contain both DNA and RNA
6. Viruses that infects bacteria multiply and cause their lysis, are called
7. Which one of the following statements is not true for retro viruses
retro viruses carry gene for RNA dependent DNA polymerase
the genetic material in mature retro virus is RNA
retro viruses are causative agents for certain types of cancer in man
DNA is not present at any stage in the life cycle of retro viruses
8. Cauliflower mosaic viruses (CMV) contain
ss RNA
ds RNA
ss DNA
ds DNA
9. Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) genes are
ss DNA
ss RNA
ds DNA
10. 'Little leaf disease' of brinjal is caused by
none of these
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