Practice Test on Methods in Biology | CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences

1.Chromosomes of Yeast and Protozoa are best separated using ?
Visible microscopy
Electon microscopy
Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis/

2.In western blotting based HIV diagnosis technique, the patient sample is screened for
Virus outer coat protein

3.Which one of the methods listed below is the most sensitive label free quantification methods for proteins
UV Spectroscopy
Infra red spectroscopy
Raman Spectroscopy
13C content of protein

4.Which one of the following statements regarding normal distributionis not correct?
It is symmetric around the mean
It is symmetric around the median
It is symmetric around the mode
It is symmetric around the variance

5.If a metabolically active cell is chalenged with 55Fe radioisotope label, which of the following proteins cannot be detected by autoradiography
Aconitase and lipoic acid synthase
Cytochrome C and DNA Primase
Calmodulin and Calcineurin
Myoglobin and Homoaconitase

6.The movement of a single cell wall required to be continually monitored during development. This cell was marked with reporter gene to visualise this movement one would use
Phase Contrast Microscopy
Bright Field Microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy
Fluorescence Microscopy

7. Which instrument is used to measure electrical acitivity of heart

8.In remote sensing, which one of the following formulae is used for the calculation of normalised difference vegetation Index (ndvi)

9.Measurement and mapping with spatial resolution the membrane potential of a cell, which is too small for microelectrode impalement, is done using
Vital dyes
Voltage -sensitive dye
pH sensitive chemical

10. Membrane potential in mitochondria critical for oxidative phosphorylation and is monitored by
Patch clamping
Measuring the consumption of ATP
Measuring distribution of labelled ions across the mitochondrial membrane
Measuring internal sodium ions after lysing the mitochondria

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