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Plant pathology, otherwise called phytopathology, can be defined as a branch in botany or agriculture that deals with causal organisms, etiology, symptoms and control of diseases. The foundation of modern plant pathology was laid by Parsoon (1801) and Fries (1821). They believed that microorganisms originate from diseases. A French scientists Prevost (1807) found that diseases are caused by microorganisms. The most important discovery regarding the plant and pathogen relationship was established by Anton de Bary (1831-1888). He made experimental findings of the causal organism of the late blight of potato. The disease caused by rust and smut are also illustrated on the basis of their causative organisms and their evolution with the host plant.Read more about rust and smut>>

1. Pick out the wrong pair
Pandemic - Disease not prevalent throughout the country, continent or the world
Epidemic - The diseases which appear very virulently among the people
Endemic - The diseases which appear very virulently among the people
Sporadic - Disease which occurs at very irregular interval and location.

2. Sandal spike disease of Sandal (Santalum album) is caused by

3. The perfect stage of Colletotrichum falcatum(causes red rot of sugarcane) is
Glomerella cingulata
Glomerella tucumanensis
Glomerella lindaemuthiamum
all of these

4. 'White blisters of crucifers' is caused by pathogen
Albugo candida
Sclerospora sorghi
Pythium debarynum
Plasmopora viticola

5. Infection of smut of maize(Ustilago maydis) occurs during
After flowering
before flowering
vegetative stage
reproductive stage

6. Black rust or stem rust of wheat is caused by
Puccinia striformis
Puccinia recondita
Puccinia graminis tritici
All of these

7. The causal organism Neovossia indica produces

8. Rust of linseed and flax can be completely controlled by spray of
Agrosan GN
Dithane M 45

9. Early blight of potato is --- disease
Soil borne
air borne
seed borne
all of these

10. Wilt of pigeon pea is caused by
Rhizopus nigricans
Fusaruim udum
Aspergillus flavus
Gibberella indica

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