Quiz on DNA structure | Molecular Biology Quiz

Quiz on DNA structure Molecular Biology Quiz
1. Which of the following is true as per Chargaffs rule?
A = G C = T
A+T = C+G
A+G = T+C
A = C G = T
2. Which of the following bond connects two DNA strands in a DNA double helix?
Di sulphode bond
phosphodiester bonds
covalent bonds
hydrogen bond
3. Which base is not found in DNA
4. Watson and Crick developed the DNA double helical structure using data from?
X-ray crystallography
5. The bond that connects the sugar to nitrogenous base is
phosphodiester bonds
glycosidic bond
H bond
ester bond
6. The number of base pairs per turn of B DNA is B
7. A DNA nucleotide consists of
ribose sugar and phosphate
deoxyribose sugar and phosphate
deoxyribose sugar,phosphate and nitrogenous base
ribose sugar, phosphate and nitrogenous base
8. If 30% of the bases in a DNA molecule are adenine, what percentage of the bases are guanine and cytosine?
G=20%, C=20%
G=10%, C=10%
G=30%, C=30%
G=20%, C=30%
9. Which of the following bonds are broken during DNA replication?
H bonds between bases
phosphodiester bonds between nucleotides
ionic bonds between bases and phosphate groups
All of these
10. Which of the following is not a chemical bond in DNA helix?
H bond
ester bond
di sulphide bond
glycosidic bond

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