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Quiz on Cell organelles

Organisms present in this biosphere show great diversity in size, structure, and mode of life. In spite of this diversity, they show unity in their basic stricture and processes. The body of an organism is formed of one or many cells. All cells are composed of a semifluid material, the cytoplasm which is enclosed by a thin coat called plasma membrane. The different subcellular components called organelles, viz., nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi bodies, chloroplast, lysosomes, etc are present in the cells. Striking similarities can be observed in the organelles of the cells of diverse organisms. Thus in spite of diversity, all organisms show unity in certain basic features. Read more>>
1. Lysosomes are
store house of genetic material
interconnected channels in the cytoplasm
Bags of hydrolytic enzymes
power house of the cell
2. All of the following activities are taking place inside the mitochondria, except:
Electron transport chain (ETC)
Beta oxidation of fatty acid
De novo fatty acid synthesis
Citric acid cycle
3. All of the following lipids are present in the plasma membrane, except:
4. Which of the following are features of endocytosis?
LDL uptake is by endocytosis
Heparin helps in this mechanism
Plasma membrane is invaginated to form vesicles
Cytoplasmic side of vesicle is coated by clathrin filaments
5. Galactosyl transferase is a marker enzyme of
Plasma membrane
Golgi complex
6. Which of the following cellular organelle can cause autodigestion?
7. Peroxisomes are
The site of biological oxidation
involved in the production of free radicals
Concerned with drug detoxification
The site of post translational modifications
8. Which of the following are not synthesised in the endoplasmic reticulum
9. Fluidity of plasma membrane depends on
membrane pumps
concentration of proteins
Glycosylation of proteins
nature of fatty acids
10. Golgi bodies are
concerned with disposal of waste products
engaged in transort of molecules into mitochondria
involved in phagocytosis
temporarary storage sites for secretory products
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