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The process of transmission of characters from one generation to another is known as heredity or inheritance. The heredity and variations play an important role in the formation of new species. The biological science which deals with the mechanism of heredity and cause of variations of ling beings is known as genetics. 
Overview of how transgenic crops are created.

1. An example of a heterozygous but homogenous population is
pure line
hybrid variety
synthetic variety
open pollinated variety

2. Genetically most pure seed is
nucleus seed
breeder seed
certified seed
foundation seed

3. Multiple effects of a single gene is known as
none of these

4. Which system is used for hybrid seed production in onion?
Cytoplasmic male sterility
genetic male sterility
self incompatibility

5. What is seed multiplication ratio in potato and groundnut are respectively?
1:4 and 1:8
1:8 and 1:4
1:8 and 1:10
1:10 and 1:8

6. A mating among the following can not lead to heterosis
AAbb x aaBB
AABBccdd x AABBccdd
AABBccdd x aabbCCDD

7. Pure line variety is a
Homozygous - Heterogenous
Homozygous - Hemogenous
Heterogenous - Heterogenous
Heterogenous - Homozygous

8. Centre of diversity refers to the area where cultivated plant species and or their wild relatives show
low competition with unrelated species
highest variation
high ecosystem diversity
highest variation and high ecosystem diversity

9. The test cross ratio in complementary gene action is

10. Triticale is
interspecific cross
intraspecific cross
intergeneric cross
intrageneric cross

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